Dr.Kumarswamy’s Lalitha Dental Clinic

About Lalitha Dental Clinic

Dr. A. Kumarswamy's Lalitha Dental Clinic was opened on 1st January 1981 with the blessings of his parents, friends & well wishers. The clinic is named after his beloved mother, who has been a source of strength, motivation & inspiration for Dr. Kumarswamy since his childhood.

It was the culmination of a long cherished dream, where he could put into practice his skills, and his passion for excellence and service. Starting from his very first patient, who happened to be his own grandmother, the clinic has provided relief & comfort to over 20,000 patients from all over Bombay, the rest of India as well as around the world.

Today, as the clinic is on the throes of entering its fourth decade of service and excellence, we are continuously striving to deliver world-class oral health to our patients using the best restorative, cosmetic and preventive dentistry treatment options coupled with accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. With the advent of newer technology, materials and treatment options, we believe in offering only the very best to our patients. We hope you will continue to place your valuable trust in our care.